Apples in Black-and-White

I am getting more and more fascinated by black and white. Unfortunately also a bit frustrated because I don’t yet get the results that I want, but I am slowly getting better! Here is a conversion that I did last night. I started with this extremely nice image taken by a friend of mine. It […]

Pillars (Palais de Longchamp, Marseille)

Here is my first serious attempt at black-and-white. I carefully processed this image from my recent trip to Marseille in Camera Raw in order to preserve as much detail as possible in the shadows and the highlights. In Photoshop I straightened the vertical lines, converted to black-and-white and applied curves four times (masking out different […]

Roman Loranc

I’ve just discovered another great modern-age black-and-white photographer — Roman Loranc. His locations and his subjects are totally unspectacular and his compositions are so simple, yet his images are so exquisite! Take for example the image “Edge“. It is perfectly composed, with an incredible balance between foreground, middle-ground and background. The light is great and […]