Bangladesh 2014 Portfolio

We’ve just created a portfolio with the best images from our 2-week trip to Bangladesh. This country is not easy to visit or travel through, but it’s heaven for street photographers: the people are very happy to be photographed and are very welcoming to foreign visitors. Check out 1001 Unforgettable Trips for our upcoming trip description featuring a ton of practical […]

Zanzibar 2014 — Image Portfolio and Some Personal Thoughts

We just created a gallery with the best images of our 2014 trip to Zanzibar, so click on the image below and enjoy! After spending two weeks in the hot, dry and dusty Tanzanian mainland, Zanzibar quickly impressed us as a very interesting and attractive location. Even though this island is politically part of Tanzania, its people and culture are […]

Istanbul 2012-2013 Portfolio

The images in this portfolio come from two weekend-trips, one in 2012 and one in 2013. Istanbul is a vibrant and fascinating city, boasting a mixture of European tradition and Asian hustle-and-bustle, that you can only find here, at the place where the two continents meet. We’ve selected only images that show the older and more […]