Climbing Mount Rinjani, Indonesia 2014

Boji and I just created a gallery with images from our three-day climb of Mount Rinjani, Indonesia’s second highest volcano. In case you want to experience this incredible landscape of yourself¬†we’ve also published a detailed report about the climb, on our sister web site 1001 Unforgettable Trips: Climbing an Active Volcano: Mt. Rinjani, Indonesia. blah

Zanzibar 2014 — Image Portfolio and Some Personal Thoughts

We just created a¬†gallery¬†with the¬†best images of¬†our¬†2014 trip to Zanzibar, so click on the image below and enjoy! After spending two weeks in the hot, dry and dusty Tanzanian mainland, Zanzibar quickly impressed us as a very interesting and attractive location. Even though this island is politically part of Tanzania, its people and culture are […]

Photographing Mont St. Michel

The first destination on our recent trip to Brittany was the famous Le Mont Saint Michel. This medieval walled town built on a large granite rock is a world-renowned tourist attraction and is probably well-known to any photographer. Despite the heavy promotion by Brittany, the island lies on the east side of the small river […]

North of the Arctic Circle

The water is turquoise and¬†crystal clear, small fishing boats are swaying gently in the waves and the shoreline is adorned by colorful wooden fisher huts beautifully illuminated by the rising sun. Behind us cod is hung up on wooden racks for drying and rugged mountains rise steeply hundreds of meters and their snow-covered peaks glow […]