6 Months of Travel: What’s in the Camera Bag?

Believe me, choosing what to take and what to leave behind is not an easy task! If Katja and I turn all of our plans into reality the equipment will be subjected to a real beating and extreme environmental conditions. Here is what we’ve planned for the first four months: climb the highest peak in the Alps, go on a safari in the Serengeti, […]

Olympus E-M5: The Menu System (Part 3)

Now that you know everything about the basic operation and auto-focus features of your camera, let’s delve into the details of the menu system and see how to take full advantage of everything the E-M5 (and most of what the E-M1) has to offer. Admittedly this is a long-winded and time-consuming project, but you’ll have to […]

Olympus E-M5: Auto-Focus (Part 2)

When I previously described the basic operation of the E-M5, I left out the topic of auto focus, because I think that it merits its own article. So here it is today: my favorite AF setting… How would you like AF, but only when you need it, combined with focus-assist and full-time manual-override? No problem: just […]


Even though the weather has been good lately, I haven’t had the time to go out and photograph. I’ve been busy at work and with some other things, so the only photography-related event in the past 10 days was a small trade-show by Calumet. All the big ones were around: Canon, Nikon, Adobe, DxO, Wacom, […]