Meeting Akash

About a week ago I saw a short report on TV about a photographer from Bangladesh named Akash, who spent 2007 living and working in Hamburg. The report showed a few of his images (a mixture of images made in Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Nepal and Hamburg), and I was stunned. I got online, found Akash’s […]

A Few Quotes

The following come from the very early issues of Lenswork, an excellent magazine about which I’ll be writing more soon. A picture lives from the life you put into it. If you put no life into it — no thrill, no concentration of delight or exaltation of visual discovery — then the picture is dead, […]

“Henri Cartier-Bresson”

I’ve put the name in quotes because I’m talking about the documentary that’s currently running in the program cinemas in Germany. The film itself was nothing extraordinary, but seeing and hearing Cartier-Bresson talk about his life and experiences and discussing some of his images was great. Cartier-Bresson established the term “the decisive moment” and referred […]

Roman Loranc

I’ve just discovered another great modern-age black-and-white photographer — Roman Loranc. His locations and his subjects are totally unspectacular and his compositions are so simple, yet his images are so exquisite! Take for example the image “Edge“. It is perfectly composed, with an incredible balance between foreground, middle-ground and background. The light is great and […]