First Stop: The Austrian Alps

In 2013 I saw on EOFT how ZAZ and her band climbed Mont Blanc and then performed Je Veux on the summit. Ever since I’ve been fascinated by those high mountains and by the challenge of climbing the highest peak in western Europe. Our research showed that the assent from the Italian side is a bit longer, but prettier and less crowded, […]

Off We Go!!

June 26: I enter the office dressed in business attire and my colleague Torsten greets me with “T minus 2” instead of “good morning.” He’s been doing this for about two weeks now, counting down the days until the beginning of our world trip. I was quite confident and happy as long as the count […]

Introducing 1001 Unforgettable Trips

At the end of last year after Katja and I got engaged many of our friends said something like “How exciting, congratulations!”. My answer at the time was somewhat cryptic and surprising: “Thanks, it’s really great, but we are working on two other things which might turn out to be even more exciting…” The first […]

Photographing Mont St. Michel

The first destination on our recent trip to Brittany was the famous Le Mont Saint Michel. This medieval walled town built on a large granite rock is a world-renowned tourist attraction and is probably well-known to any photographer. Despite the heavy promotion by Brittany, the island lies on the east side of the small river […]

North of the Arctic Circle

The water is turquoise and crystal clear, small fishing boats are swaying gently in the waves and the shoreline is adorned by colorful wooden fisher huts beautifully illuminated by the rising sun. Behind us cod is hung up on wooden racks for drying and rugged mountains rise steeply hundreds of meters and their snow-covered peaks glow […]