It’s been relatively quiet on the photography front these past days, so here is an older photograph that I’d like to share with you. I like it very much and would have put it into “Best of 2007,” but it’s from 2006. PS: I hope that everyone had a very Merry Christmas!

White Frost

As I woke up yesterday the world outside appeared magic — everything was covered with a thick layer of white frost. This happens about once every two years around here, so I grabbed the camera and hurried outside. Instead of the 70-200/4 I put the 100/2.8 Macro in the photo bag, and even though there […]

Meeting Akash

About a week ago I saw a short report on TV about a photographer from Bangladesh named Akash, who spent 2007 living and working in Hamburg. The report showed a few of his images (a mixture of images made in Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Nepal and Hamburg), and I was stunned. I got online, found Akash’s […]

Upgrade CS2 … to Lightroom?

I’ve been working with Photoshop CS2 for a few years now. At first I was struggling with all the options, settings, tools, palettes, etc., but having read Bruce Fraser’s “Real World Camera Raw with Adobe Photoshop CS2” and “Real World Adobe Photoshop CS2” I felt much more confident, and since then sorting, rating, searching, adjusting […]

Self-Assignment: Best of 2007

During the last 3-4 months I’ve been looking through my images, deleting the weak ones, rating and adding metadata to the rest. About 40 images received either 4 or 5 stars and should eventually find place in my web galleries and printed portfolios. But since editing these images and dividing them in portfolios will probably […]

First Framed Prints!

I’ve been writing in this blog about wanting to shift my focus away from photographic technology (camera specs and lens tests) and towards producing exciting images. Well, after about 8 years of playing around and another 2 years of being serious about photography, I reached an important milestone today — I framed two of my […]

A Few Quotes

The following come from the very early issues of Lenswork, an excellent magazine about which I’ll be writing more soon. A picture lives from the life you put into it. If you put no life into it — no thrill, no concentration of delight or exaltation of visual discovery — then the picture is dead, […]