Orange Abstract

I brought my camera to work today in order to shoot more glasses. This time I didn’t wait until all colleagues had left, so I gathered some funny gazes, but that’s OK with me… 😉 Anyhow, as I was preparing to leave, I noticed the following image in the hallway. I’d already folded the tripod […]

Winter Colors

I have the feeling I’ve been posting too many “serious” images lately, so before the mood gets too gloomy, here are two images with nice winter colors. “Color” is not a word commonly associated with winter in northern Germany, but when the weather is cold and the sun shines there is definitely potential for some […]

Charcoal Shadows

Here are three more images for my “keeping my eyes open for interesting shapes and patterns in everyday objects” series. These are the normal glasses that all colleagues in the office use for drinking water. A few days ago I was working in my office, my desk lamp was on and a white piece of […]

Is This Art?

I recently confessed to being a technology-junkie and obsessing about photo equipment much more than about image content. Well, about a year ago that was indeed all that I cared about, but nowadays I’m always on the lookout for interesting shapes and rich textures. In fact I’ve been going through a metamorphosis lately. On the […]