The Non-Tourist Side of Milan

Milan has a lot more to offer than just churches, architecture, opera or expensive clothing stores. On our second day we spent a few relaxing hours at a flea market along Ripa di Porta Ticinese. Lucky for us, since the large market takes place only once a month… The Mona Lisa was apparently on loan […]

Weekend in Milan

Europe is so nice and small! To me Italy is always worth a visit, even at the end of October, so when two months ago a friend of mine and I found flights to Milan for 35 EUR, we didn’t hesitate a minute. The trip was this past weekend and we spent three nice days: […]

My First Ink-Jet Print

I just made my first ink-jet print and it looks very close to what I see on my monitor! It’s so exciting, I can hardly type… I will write in this and in the following posting about the long and weary learning process, but really, my advice to all of you out there is: don’t […]

Dead Trees and Mushrooms

This scene was dark and murky in “real life”, but an 8 second exposure shows how colorful life really is… I’d never thought it possible that a mushroom could break up a tree, but here is the proof. I like very much how the cap of the mushroom reflects the forest canopy, especially since the […]

Just a Sunset

Today I just had to go out and photograph. The leaves are already turning yellow, so I decided that going into the woods is the most sensible thing to do. There were several interesting scenes, and I took a few interesting images, but the best one presented itself after I’d already packed up and was […]


Even though the weather has been good lately, I haven’t had the time to go out and photograph. I’ve been busy at work and with some other things, so the only photography-related event in the past 10 days was a small trade-show by Calumet. All the big ones were around: Canon, Nikon, Adobe, DxO, Wacom, […]