A Storm is Approaching

A few friends have commented on my recent post with the apple images. Apparently I was so excited about experimenting with black and white that I didn’t notice how much impact the color image lost through the black-and-white conversion. I see their point, but to be honest, I think the black-and-white image wins at least […]

Pavement Patterns

I was walking down the street and noticed the broken up asphalt of the pavement. It was so unusual — there had to be an image there! So I pulled out my new cardboard viewfinder and started looking. Showing broken asphalt only was nice and abstract, but too boring. Adding the curb in the upper-left […]

Passepartout as Viewfinder

In the past I’ve noticed that every time I approached a new scene, I’d waste too much time looking through the viewfinder, changing lenses, looking again, changing again and so on… Sometimes I’d try all my lenses (wide-angle, normal, tele) before deciding that there is nothing worthwhile in the scene around me. And after repeating […]