Hamburg at Night

It was getting late and dark last night while I was waiting for the Queen Mary 2 to depart, and all of a sudden I discovered that Hamburg has a pretty skyline. However I did have trouble coming up with three images, at least from the position where I was standing. Maybe I’ll go back […]

Self-Assignment: Three of a Kind

Apparently the trick to “growing up” is to constantly push ones self by setting up goals and then trying to achieve them. But the goals have to be realistic, otherwise the whole thing ends up in frustration and ultimately in resignation. So instead of aiming directly for stunning images that speak volumes by themselves, I’ve […]

The Marseille Cafés

In my recent trip to Marseille I also tried to photograph the “spirit” of the city. And in Marseille and especially in Vieux Port, the spirit have to be the numerous cafés — filled up with people at all times of the day and most of the night. Short Pause After Work Missing out on […]

Weekend in Marseille

The weather in Hamburg has been so cool and rainy lately, I just had to get away and spend a weekend in the sun. Like most Europeans, I too like France a lot, and the weather on the Mediterranean coast is pretty much guaranteed to be ideal, so… Thank god for the cheap flights within […]

“Henri Cartier-Bresson”

I’ve put the name in quotes because I’m talking about the documentary that’s currently running in the program cinemas in Germany. The film itself was nothing extraordinary, but seeing and hearing Cartier-Bresson talk about his life and experiences and discussing some of his images was great. Cartier-Bresson established the term “the decisive moment” and referred […]

Thistle Seeds

Took a walk around some fields today and noticed that the thistles have begun forming seeds. I love the fluffiness of the thistledowns, so I began looking for a single plant against a plain background. I didn’t find one, but I found something better — a large puddle of water with lots of thistledowns swimming […]