Roman Loranc

I’ve just discovered another great modern-age black-and-white photographer — Roman Loranc. His locations and his subjects are totally unspectacular and his compositions are so simple, yet his images are so exquisite! Take for example the image “Edge“. It is perfectly composed, with an incredible balance between foreground, middle-ground and background. The light is great and […]

Missed the Queen Mary 2

I just saw on the news that the world’s largest passenger ship, the Queen Mary 2, is in Hamburg today. Apparently she docked at 5:00 and will head out for New York tonight at 23:30. Hamburg is a great maritime city and its folks are very fond of big ships. Each time one docks at […]

Monitor Calibration

I am quite aware of the necessity to properly adjust one’s monitor, and I’ve tried out several alternatives in the past. I’ve known all along that Gretag MacBeth’s Eye-One Display 2 is the right product for me, but at 280 € it is quite expensive, so at first I looked into cheaper solutions. What a […]

Boat and Clouds

In reference to Managing Images, I thought I’d show a typical *** image as a reference for what I for mean by “some artistic value”. This image is simple, to the point, the composition is well balanced, the light is good, the clouds are interesting, and there is lots of fine detail in the large […]

Managing Images

I’m still looking through my images: deleting, rating, assigning keywords. Thanks to Bruce Fraser’s “Real World Camera Raw with Adobe Photoshop CS2” I’m quite fluent in Bridge and its image rating tools (0 – 5 stars plus five optional colors), but I’m having trouble coming up with a system of what these stars and colors […]

Dock 17

One of Hamburg’s attractions is the water and to some extent the industry and ship repair docks on the south side of the river. I’ve been to this popular location (Landungsbrücken) many times, but rarely with a tripod and with free time. About a month ago the weather was good and I had a free […]

Vespa under the Bridge

It was a good photo-night in Hannover. I walked maximum 10 meters after taking the image “Modern Evolution” and saw this Vespa parked under the old railroad bridge. I particularly like the Vespa’s shadow on the pavement — it looks a bit like a giant bug crawling towards the viewer.